Temperature and vibrations wireless sensor WS-VT1

The sensor measures vibration and temperature. The measurement is performed by a 3-axis MEMS transducer. The measurement results are output through a wireless RF link. It is the basic vibration sensor for the Sonar brand machine diagnostic system. The high accuracy, wide measurement frequency range and low power input make the sensor an optimum choice form most applications.
The sensor is battery-powered. The battery life depends on the preset measurement and result transmission intervals. The wireless RF link operates at 868 MHz and the transmission range depends on the actual RF wave propagation conditions, with a maximum limit of 500 m.
The sensor is designed to be intrinsically safe for Zone 0 (Ex Group II) rooms or at any methane gas concentration level in underground mines (Ex Group I).
Application examples include technical condition monitoring of conveyor belt drive rollers and drums and technical diagnostics of rotating machines.

The most important features of the product:

  • battery powered
  • transmission of measurements wirelessly
  • optical signalization of warning and error ststes
  • easy application in existing installations
  • ability to work in Zone 0 (ATEX classification