Radio transceiver ITR-2

The ITR-2 radio transceiver is a device designed for working with machine monitoring and diagnostics systems. It collects data sent by radio by wireless vibration and temperature converters, and relays it through an Ethernet network to a master controller.
The radio link operating frequency range covers the 868 MHz band. The operating condition is shown by two optical indication devices. Cables are inserted inside the device through cable glands. The device can be powered using 12-48 VDC, directly from an external power supply unit or using an Ethernet network (Power over Ethernet technology).

The supplied power can be redistributed to additional devices using Ethernet cables. Depending on the device version, the output power supply voltage can be increased to the nominal value (“signal regeneration”). The maximum length of Ethernet cables is 100 m. A battery can be installed in the device, enabling data from measurement sensors to be collected in the event of external power failure and loss of connection with the master device.

The most important features of the product:

  • radio data transmission
  • wired Ethernet communication
  • power supply through Ethernet
  • built-in three-port Ethernet switch
  • optical indication of diagnostics status
  • built-in battery for power loss instances