Welding parameter recorder RPS-2

Welding parameter recorder RPS-2 allows monitoring and recording parameters of arc welding using methods such as MMA, MIG / MAG, TIG and SAW.
Basic version of the recorder enables the measurement and recording of welding current, arc voltage, wire (electrode) feed velocity and the volumetric flow rate of the shielding gas.
On client request it is possible to prepare a special recorder version to monitor and record the temperature of the workpiece, flux, welding speed and other data affecting the welding process. The expanded version of the recorder allows to generate warnings informing user about exceedances of selected welding parameters or improper use of welding materials.
The modular design of the recorder allows assembling of the recorder inside the welding machine, with provided simplified user interface using LEDs or with HMI display available outside the welding machine in a separate enclosure. The user interface is then LCD display, buttons to operate the recorder and detector of RFID cards.
The recorder allows to view the currently registered variables with LCD display. Regardless of the recorder implementation, transfer of stored information to
a computer takes place via pendrive using USB interface.
If using a wired Ethernet interface or WiFi wireless interface (optional implementation), it is possible to remotely observe recorded welding parameters, read registration files and save them to computer HDD/SDD and to configure the recorder.
Built-in RFID card reader allows the identification of the welder via his personal RFID card.
It is possible to connect additional devices to the recorder, such as barcode reader, to enter the number of orders, WPS documents, types of welding materials used etc.
Recorder cooperates with the RPS-Reader 3 PC software allowing reading, visualization, archiving and advanced analysis of recorded welding parameters.

The most important features of the product:

  • independent system for monitoring welding processes
  • equipped with own measurement transducers