System Smok

The Smok system is designed to monitor machines and devices operating downstream of mines. The version marked as Smok-2 is another modification of the Smok-1 system implemented in mines since 2000. The main feature of the new system is that it meets the standards harmonized with the EU Directives. All system units used in the presented solution have certificates confirming compliance with the ATEX directive. Opinions were also obtained confirming compliance with the requirements of standards harmonized with the EMC Directive. To implement the system, in each monitored facility, units are additionally installed, which are part of the Smok-2 system, which fulfill the functions of collecting, processing and transferring data.

The system for monitoring the longwall complex includes units that are assembled accordingly:

  • in a longwall shearer;
  • in compact stations of electrical equipment near the wall;
  • on an apparatus train;
  • in longwall sidewalks;
  • at the telephone exchange;
  • on a surface computer stand.

SMoK-2 is the second generation of software for the monitoring system of underground machines and devices. The system also monitors the flow of water and emulsions in mine pipelines.