Software RPS-Reader

Minimal requirements of RPSReader software: PC, 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, Windows XP, 20GB free disk space, 1024×768 resolution monitor, LAN adapter or USB port.Reading saved data from the device (direct to PC or via USB memory) allows for viewing data on the PC. You can process recorded data using the RPSReader licensed software, capable of:

  • generating reports including:
  • dates and durations of welding
  • welding parameters: duration, average current,
    average voltage and min/max/rms values of these
  • time graphs: welding current, arc voltage, wire
    feed speed and others
  • information on situations in the process ie alerts
    about exceeding the set parameter threshold –
    even in to those situations that do not affect the
    rating (eg surge in initial phase of welding),
  • tables of the registered parameters indicating the alert levels,
  • a statistical presentation for a group of welding actions taking into account the durations, and mean values of measured quantities, the number of alerts in the specified time range, etc.
  • Highlighting a single welding action, with its parameters (eg process duration, single action duration, average, maximum and minimum values of measured parameters)
  • Filtration and search for points of interest within the recording duration, the duration of the welding process, the input parameters, etc.
  • Archiving of welding process recorded values