RPS-7 Welding Data Logger

RPS-7 data logger measures and records selected parameters of a station. Current intensity measurement is handled by an independent sensor. The recorder provides identification of the user by the means of a RFID card and determines the activation time of the welding machine, effective welding time and working time of the currently logged in welder. Data is transmitted to a virtual network drive via GPRS transmission. The user has access to the collected data from any location by connecting with the provided website, observing any number of operating devices and personnel. Quick and easy generation of appropriate reports. RPS-7 data logger can be mounted inside, if there is enough space, or outside any welding machine.

The most important features of the product:

  • monitors manual welding stations
  • monitors welder’s working time
  • utilises GPS positioning
  • transmits data via GPRS or WI-FI
  • has cloud-based software

System concept and functions provided: