MOPS Welding Monitoring System

The MOPS welding monitoring system allows you to assess the compliance of welding parameters with WPS, work analysis, ongoing assessment of the quality of the joint and detection of non-compliance, measurement of the arc time and welding time, measurement of the consumption of welding materials, and a current view of the status of the order. The functionality of the MOPS system allows for data visualization, entering WPS documents, quality assessment of welds, creating and editing reports, ongoing supervision of the welding process, data archiving.


  • lower production costs
  • optimizing the production process
  • documentation of the welding process parameters with their archiving
  • on-going presentation of welding parameters directly to the operator of a robotic welding station
  • visual or acoustic signaling of warnings and alarms directly at the welding station
  • assessment of quality qualification of the detail, good / defective, immediately after the completion of welding of the detail
  • elimination of visual, discretionary assessment of the quality of welding of a detail
  • direct indication of the number of the defective weld
  • reporting on the consumption of electrode wire and shielding gas as well as the duration of the welding process for each detail and in the selected period
  • determining the number of details made with a simultaneous assessment of the quality of their performance, in a selected period
  • assessment of the degree of use of a robotic welding station by documenting the actual working time of a robotic welding station, it is possible to negotiate the amount of fees for the emission of harmful gases
  • possibility of analyzing the welding process on an ongoing basis at a computer station outside the production hall
  • the possibility of sharing data from the welding process at a robotic station to the factory production implementation system MES