We create highly specialized techniques for monitoring industrial processes through the use of wireless diagnostic systems that allow you to monitor the condition of machines and warn against failures and damage to the main components responsible for the correct operation of machines. The SDM-1 system can operate with cranes, belt conveyors, but also with scraper conveyors, screens, industrial fans, compressors and other rotating machines. Thanks to the use of the SDM-1 system, our customers are able to reduce production costs, ensure safety, and prevent a serious failure. In addition, the SDM-1 allows for:

  • optimizing the planning of service and repair dates,
  • assessment of the performance of spare parts and assemblies during the warranty period, which enables better enforcement of the warranty terms,
  • reducing the number of people involved in rounding the installation,
  • increase in expert competences of technical supervision employees of installations
  • reducing the risk of fire hazards – negotiating insurance conditions for the installation

The SDM-1 machine diagnostics system is based on the use of innovative wireless vibration sensors. The basic device of our system is the WS-VT1 vibration and temperature sensor.

The base of sensors that make up the SDM-1 system is supplemented by:

  • Temperature and vibrations wireless sensor WS – VT2
  • Temperature and vibrations wireless sensor WS – VT3
  • Pressure and temperature wireless sensor WS-PT1
  • Temperature wireless sensor WS-TIR1
  • Humidity and temperature wireless sensor WS – HT1

All types of sensors transmit the collected data via radio communication to radio receivers or local stations. Depending on the client’s needs, we present the best, individually selected and tailored configuration.

Radio receivers of the SDM-1 system:

  • Intrinsically safe radio transceiver ITR-1
  • Radio transceiver ITR-2

Local stations of the SDM-1 system:

  • Local diagnostics station LDS-1
  • Local diagnostics station LDS-2
  • Local diagnostics station LDS-3
  • Intrinsically safe mobile data concentrator MDC-1

For the management of the SDM-1 system, we provide software that enables real preview, reporting and SCADA management.

Example implementation of the SDM-1 system on mill fans: