Local diagnostics station LDS-3

The local diagnostics station LDS-3 enables continu­ous control over the vibration levels of primary components of the protected machine. The degrad­ing technical condition of gears, bearings and other moving elements of machines results in a graduał increase in vibrations. The use of a local diagnostics system in combination with the user’s experience enables the machine’s technical condition to be objectively determined, providing early warning aga inst the risk of failures, and en su res sufficient time to schedule an overhaul at a time convenient for the user. The local diagnostics station LDS-3 assesses the vibrations and temperatures measured and sent by wireless sensors based on pre-defined warning and alarm thresholds, and presents the results of this assessment on an 15″ LCD.

Statuses are indicated by changes in the colours of vertical indicators (green, yellow, red) assigned to their respective sensors and parameters measured (maximum vibrations, vibration RMS, temperature). The device’s software enables viewing an event list of exceeded critical values, loss of communication, required battery replacement in sensors. Additionally, the user can add their own notes with date and time of repairs and maintenance work performed, etc. All measurement results from sensors are collected in a database and can be used to view archive charts, as well as generate time histograms and reports. The loca I diagnostics station LDS-3 is equipped with an Ethernet interface for communication with radio receivers, which can be connected into a network and provide coverage of a larger a rea at a specific location.

The most important features of the product:

  • Ethernet interface for communication with receivers
  • measurement recording in a database
  • additional 15” LCD
  • Windows 10
  • viewing archive charts and generating reports
  • user-defined warning and alarm thresholds
  • stainless steel housing
  • GPRS interface (optional)
  • Wi-Fi interface (optional)