IS CCTV camera KTi-3

The KTi-3 intrinsically safe CCTV camera is used for real-time colour video transmitting from methane and/or coal-dust explosion-risk areas, through various transmitting media, to surface or underground video viewing stations.
The KTi-3 camera comes in four versions, with different output video signals:

  • KTi-3 – composite video output,
  • KTi-3m – composite video output and TV modulator,
  • KTi-3sw – composite video”output and multimode, fibre-optic output,
  • KTi-3sj – composite video output and single-mode, fibre-optic output.
    The “composite video” output is used for transmission via an unbalanced concentric 75Ω line or balanced 110Ω impedance line (twisted pair).

The KTi-3m camera is equipped with a modulator, so the image can be transferred on separated channels in the frequency range from 25MHz to 120MHz. The KTi-3sw and KTi-3sj versions and are adapted to connect with fibre-optics. Depending on the version the image can be transmitted over a distance of several hundred meters to several kilometres. The camera has a lens with a diaphragm automatically adjustable depending on light intensity. At very low light intensity the sensor automatically switches to black and white.
All connections of electrical signals (power, “composite video” signal) are located on the camera’s body via connectors with screw clamps. The “composite video” signal can also be connected via hermetic BNC connectors on the camera’s body (custom made). The optic fibre is connected to the socket inside the body. It enters through the M16 or M20 cable gland.

The most important features of the product:

  • colour picture
  • high sensitivity, day/night mode
  • operation in any concetration of mathane
  • connection with coaxial cable and twisted pair
  • single-mode and multi-mode optic fibre versions
  • automatic regulation of iris diapragm (AUTO-IRIS)