Intrinsically safe radio transceiver ITR-1

The intrinsically safe radio transceiver is designed for working with underground measurement (e.g. wireless pressure sensor PCs-3) and identification systems (e.g. TAG TG-1). Information received by radio are relayed to a master controller through a CAN or RS-485 serial connection, depending in the radio transceiver variant. The radio link of the intrinsically safe radio transceiver operates at the 858 MHz frequency. Communication and operating mode are indicated using LEDs.
The device is installed in a IP65 protection housing and can operate in spaces subject to potential methane and/or carbon dust explosion hazard in underground mining extraction facilities.

The most important features of the product:

  • intrinsically safe power supply unit
  • compact dimensions
  • radio data transmission
  • optical indication of diagnostics status
  • maintenance-free