The DEMKop software is a proprietary solution of SOMAR SA, developed on the basis of many years of experience in the production and implementation of systems for monitoring the parameters of machines in hard coal mines. This software allows the integration of all solutions used so far in the field of data visualization into one coherent system available to each authorized employee. DEMKop is responsible for receiving, recording and visualizing data sent from machines and devices and from related other visualization systems. The software was designed to be easy and intuitive to use, data is presented in a simple and legible way, it is also easy to generate reports and view event logs. The software does not need to be installed on the client’s stands – it works via a web browser.


  • in measurement systems as a modern data visualization and control system (SCADA):
  • machinery and equipment monitoring systems, air conditioning monitoring and control systems,
  • fire protection network monitoring and control systems,
  • media and energy measurement systems, in the maintenance departments:
  • management of resources that are the responsibility of UR services, planning repairs and inspections,
  • event recording with the possibility of analysis also in connection with measurement data,
  • analysis and evaluation of activities undertaken by the services of the Agricultural Office,
  • in identification systems for people, vehicles and devices:
  • modern system of presenting the current location of objects,
  • defining security risk zones,
  • controlling banners informing about the possibility of entering such zones,
  • reporting and analysis of collected information.

DEMKop software has an extensive mechanism for generating reports based on the collected data from sensors and external systems. The mechanism enables automatic generation of reports in set periods: shift, daily, weekly, monthly and other. The reports are available to all authorized users via a web browser. Data from reports support the work and decision-making by employees of various departments. They allow you to control the consumption and costs of utilities, e.g. in drainage systems, fire protection systems, etc. They allow you to monitor the progress of work, detect failures of devices and machines. Report data can be made available or transferred to ERP class systems.